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For as little as £1.55 a day you can be sure your customers can find you.

Low-cost creative advertising, design and web marketing agency based in North Devon.

That's right, just £1.55 a day or £140* a quarter gets your website optimised and submitted to over 150,000 search engines and directories, including Google, Bing and Yahoo! If that's not a pleasant sight for weary search engine eyes, we don't know what is.

And there's no contract, so you can cancel at any time and now includes our NEW High Ranking Rapid Backlinks as standard.

Our White Hat Optimisation techniques mean that we submit and build backlinks to your website consistently and at the right pace in order to maximize the benefits of SEO without any chance of blacklisting.

We use techniques developed over years with the emphasis on assisting the search engines to find your website and appreciate its relevance which is a technique fully endorsed by Google themselves.

See the video below, where Matt Cutts, head of the Google Web Spam Team talks about SEO.

Sound too good to be true? This is what you get for your money.

Website Assessment

We make sure your site is search friendly. We check for a number of things that can detract from how friendly your site is to the Search Engines, this includes:

  • Description analysis.
  • Page title analysis.
  • Robot txt file analysis.
  • URL relevance.
  • Image alt tags. Check that your images have text hidden behind them.
  • Body content. Check if your text based content is too much or too little.

The full results of this will be included within your first report and will not delay your submission within 24 hours.

Keyword Optimisation

We assess and optimize your site for your keywords/phrases, this includes:

  • General Keyword analysis.
  • Headliners. If your keywords are featured on your pages too much or too little.
  • Link text. Check how many times your keywords are featured as links.
  • Competitor Analysis. We will assess your site against the top performing sites on your keyword(s)/Phrase(s).

The full results of this will be included within your first report and will not delay your submission within 24 hours.

New Meta Tags Issued

We will also take a look at your Meta Tags.

Meta Tags are hidden within the code of each page on your website. They contain keywords, a brief description and most importantly your page titles.

Meta Tags, and in particular the page title section, are very important to all the major search engines. They are also very important for the directories and link pages we submit your site to.

We will create and then issue you with the code in order to very quickly put optimized Meta Tags in to your site. These will be included within your first report.

Search Engine Submission

We submit your site to every search engine in the world. That's over 150,000 search engines, including Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Search engine submission is a process of letting the search engines know that your website needs to be crawled over and indexed.

We then repeat this process every 3 months in order to refresh your content.

Link Building or Backlink Creation

Build relevant inbound links to your site.

Link building is now considered the most important part of an SEO campaign.

Your ranking across all the major search engines is based on the number of other websites that link back to your site, these are called backlinks, and the more backlinks your site has, the higher it will be ranked.

We have a database of over 300,000 link partners. These are directories, link pages, blogs and forums. They’re great because we are able to categorize your site and therefore the backlinks are more relevant. For example, if your site sells cars we would add your site to any link partner in the category: car - > sales. This is very important as it builds natural relevant backlinks that can dramatically improve your ranking.

We aim to build you between 100 and 300 backlinks every 3 months, which is the optimum pace in order to maximize your gain without any chance of being black listed from any search engine.


NEW Added Feature: High Ranking Rapid Backlinks

Each quarter, we will manually place and then maintain a batch of 5 high quality backlinks. 

Each backlink will have anchor text and be placed on a relevant website. Most importantly though each backlink has a Google page rank that we have found perfectly complements our core SEO product.

3 x Page Rank 2
1 x Page Rank 3
1 x Page Rank 4

If required you also have the option to add additional batches of backlinks, these can be purchased for £45 per quarter, by calling us on 07790 466264 or emailing ku.oc.aedigibehtteg@divad


Statistics and Reports

You're kept right up to speed!

All SEO, backlink and submission statistics/reports wil be sent to you quarterly.


  1. Why do we charge every 3 months and not every month? If you submit and link build too quickly then you run the risk of getting blacklisted from the search engines. We have discovered that the optimum frequency to maximize benefit without the risk of blacklisting is every 3 months, so we only charge you every 3 months!
  2. Is there a contract? There is no contract. You can cancel at any point.
  3. Is your SEO and link building strategy white hat? We use techniques developed over years with the emphasis on assisting the search engines to find your website and appreciate its relevance which is a technique fully endorsed by Google themselves.

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